Hobe Sound Nature Center
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Sea Turtle Walks

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Walks are scheduled Thursdays & Fridays - end of May-July.


Numbers are limited & a donation of $5.00 per person is requested. Reservations are required & must be made in advance.

To make a Reservation call (772) 546-2067 or Make a Reservation Online. Waitlists available.

Please note your second choice date as walks fill up fast. Thursday and Friday nights only.

What You'll See During Sea Turtle Nesting Season:

During February - September females sea turtle return to land to lay eggs, occurring mostly at night. The female will crawl out of the ocean and will carefully choose a spot to nest. She constructs a "body pit" by digging with her flippers and using her body. She will then lay her eggs; the average clutch sizes ranges from about 80 to 120 eggs. Once she is finished nesting she will cover the eggs and return to the ocean.

What to Expect:

8:00 pm - Meet at the Nature Center to sign in. Exhibit Hall & Gift Shop will be open.

8:30 pm - Gather in the Educational Center for a brief orientation on sea turtles and sea turtle walks.

9:00 pm - After, everyone will return to their cars for a short five-minute car drive to the public beach. Participants wait in a covered pavilion until a nesting sea turtle is located.

* This event can run late into the evening, depending on when a nesting turtle is found. Once a turtle is located the event will take about another hour.*

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of sea turtle will I see?
The Loggerhead Sea Turtle is only one available for public viewing.

How many sea turtle will I get to see nest?
One. As group each walk will be able to witness one nesting turtle.

How should I dress?
Long pants & shirts, covered shoes.

Do I need to bring anything?
Recommend Bugs Spray (Apply at beach, if needed). No flashlights!

Can I take pictures?
There is no flash photography allowed.

What if it rains or is lighting?
Walks will go rain or shine. Walks will be canceled if there is bad lighting.

What if we don't see a sea turtle?
There is NO GUARANTEE that you will be able to witness a nesting sea turtle on your walk.

What age range is recommended?
This is late evening activity that could take a few hours; possible lasting past midnight. Take this into considerations when making reservations.

Will restrooms be available the beach?
Yes, restrooms and drinking fountains should be open but will be close by the end of the activity.