Hobe Sound Nature Center
Nature Center Open Monday - Saturday, 9:00am to 3:00pm
Refuge Trail Open 7 days, Sunrise to Sunset

Volunteer Spotlight Denise

Denise has been volunteering at the Nature Center on and off for 10 years! Denise's duties include dicing and slicing produce and veggies for our teaching animals. She also prepares the diets for the seahorses and fish. In fact, the reef and lagoon tanks are her favorite displays because they demonstrate how important the Indian River Lagoon is.

Denise's hobbies include gardening, creating clay sculptures, and cooking. Denise has some interesting hidden talents, which include being ambidextrous, writing upside down and backwards. An interesting talent indeed.

Denise is always ready to talk to guests about the importance of keeping the Indian River Lagoon clean and educating them about the sea life that calls the lagoon home. Thank you Denise for your wonderful attitude and continued service.